Mandy Culbertson - Caring Across Generations

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Mandy Culbertson


Mandy Culbertson, Senior Director of Communications, loves shaping narratives that challenge norms, change behavior, and spur others to action. She believes in the power of media and content to tell the stories that matter and the inherent ability of good storytelling to create common ground. From the ability to unite a community around shared experiences to the reach of a powerful individual account that touches many, crafting a story with the right content, tone, and expertise is paramount to Mandy. Over her 15-year career, she has delivered effective and creative storytelling, brand building, and communications strategy to nonprofit, government, and private sector organizations. When she’s not reading a good book, Mandy can be found in her garden, having wine on a patio with friends, or exploring the outdoors with her spouse and pack of rescued dogs and cats.