Nicole Jorwic - Caring Across Generations

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Nicole Jorwic, Chief of Campaigns and Advocacy, is at her core an advocate, from supporting her brother Chris who has autism to live his best life to fighting so that all people with disabilities, aging adults, family caregivers, and direct care workers have access to all that they need to succeed. As the oldest child of two oldest children, Nicole has watched her parents navigate not only her brother’s care but the support of her three aging grandparents as well, something that fuels her passion for a better system for everyone. Nicole is inspired by the light in people’s eyes when they “get it,” and buys into the push for an integrated and caring society. Nicole is curious to learn from people with different viewpoints and perspectives, an offshoot of growing up with lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins who have a wide range of political viewpoints and opinions and aren’t shy to express them. In her spare time Nicole loves to travel and experience new cultures, Nicole is also an indoor cycling fanatic and has a soft spot for bad reality television to escape the stress of work.