Zahna Woodson - Caring Across Generations

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Zahna Woodson


Zahna Woodson, (she/they), Regional Organizing Manager (Mid-West), is a trailblazer in social justice and equity, and navigates their multiple identities as a Black, queer, and neurodivergent individual. Zahna thrives in the ever-evolving technological landscape through lifelong learning and diverse certifications. Their dedication to research, grassroots movements, and AI activism empowers others and dismantles systemic inequalities. Zahna’s impact as a resilient advocate is felt far and wide, inspiring a more inclusive society. They hold over a decade of nonprofit and operational experience. They are a community organizer and advocate who is passionate about partnering with our youth to create a more equitable future. They are focused on helping to foster empowering spaces for people of color and working toward lasting change for our under-resourced and excluded areas.