Caring Across Generations Responds to New Child Tax Credit - Caring Across Generations

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Caring Across Generations Responds to New Child Tax Credit


WASHINGTON D.C. – In response to the announced framework for a bipartisan tax deal, Nicole Jorwic, chief of advocacy and campaigns at Caring Across Generations, released the following statement:

“An expanded child tax credit will help support families, especially low-income families, across the nation struggling to make ends meet. We know how to fight child poverty – and this deal is a critical piece of that fight. Investing in families and our country’s children is a win for all: It improves economic equity; contributes to economic growth; and supports the development of productive future citizens. 

“By expanding the child tax credit, more money will arrive directly into the hands of families, helping them afford vital necessities such as food, rent, and child care. The 16 million children who will benefit need this deal to pass.

“We continue to demand Congress finish the job and expand support for millions of families, including paid leave for all, affordable child care, and accessible aging and disability care.”