Caring for MI Family Tax Credit is a major victory for Michigan families - Caring Across Generations

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Caring for MI Family Tax Credit is a major victory for Michigan families


In response to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s State of the State Address, Jaimie K. Worker, Director of Public Policy at Caring Across Generations, released the following statement:

“We applaud Governor Whitmer’s proposed Caring for MI Family Tax Credit, which would provide up to $5,000 in tax relief for thousands of Michigan family caregivers to cover out-of-pocket expenses such as transportation and respite services. This is a major victory for Michigan’s family caregivers, older adults, and disabled people with long-term care needs.”

“We know that the well-being of our families and the sustainability of care and care work in Michigan continues to hang in the balance. We urge Governor Whitmer to continue to take decisive action to provide affordable, accessible care at every stage of life by supporting investments in aging and disability care in the home and community, paid family leave, and family-sustaining wages and benefits for care workers. Together we can foster a Michigan where care is valued and those who provide it are adequately supported. Every Michigander deserves to age and live with dignity.”