Laura Ordoñez - Caring Across Generations

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Laura Ordoñez, Associate Director of Brand and Narrative, is a storyteller, social justice warrior, and passionate connector. Her path has been anything but straight, starting her career journey in communications, venturing into the world of sports journalism, finding a happy home in podcast production, and connecting her work with a sense of purpose in the editorial space as an advocate for kids and families. Laura’s connection to care is threefold: she’s a single mother to her son, became the caregiver for her father for several years after his near-fatal traumatic brain injury, and worked to navigate the obstacles and inequities that came when her grandmother was placed in a nursing facility after breaking her hip. In all she does, Laura strives to amplify voices that have often been muffled and uplift her communities along the way. When she’s taking time to refuel, you can find her doing deep character studies through reality TV shows, cuddling with her dog Ivy, or listening to a podcast.